Valley Lumber Sales, Inc. cedar shake

A heavy split and resawn cedar shake is sawn on the backside and the face is split with the natural grain of the wood giving the cedar shake a highly textured surface on the exposed face. Also known as a Heavy Resawn version, it is thicker and heavier than any other cedar shake, giving the roof of your home a very rugged or rustic appearance. It is cut from clear heartwood, with no defects. It is 3/4" thick at the butt and is cut in two lengths - 18" and 24". On a 4/12 version or steeper pitched roof, it is applied at 7 1/2" for an 18" product and 10" for a 24" product. Feel free to browse through our web pages at for additional information concerning our many economy and premium natural wood products. Print out a copy of the page with the details on all house roofing and siding shakes and shingles to have for reference when you go to buy. If you would like info on maintenance of roofs, we will be happy to provide that for you.