Valley Lumber Sales, Inc. cedar shake shingles

Do a complete 360 from the same old same old and use all natural cedar shake shingles for your roofing instead. Your home will stand out from all the others in your neighborhood. The number 1 cedar shake shingles are cut tapered and smooth sawn on both faces for a very neat, tailored appearance. They are cut in three lengths. The 16" called Fivex has a thickness of 5/2" (5 butts stacked on top of each other total 2" thick). The 18" is called Perfections and has a thickness of 5/2 1/4" and the 24" is called Royals with a thickness of 4/2". On a 4/12 and steeper pitched roof, a #1 shingle is applied at 5" exposure for 16"; 5 1/2" for 18" and 7 1/2" for 24".The number 1 grade, the best grade of cedar shake shingles, is clear heartwood, 100% edge grain and with no defects in the shakes. If you have questions about any of our products we may be reached by phone at 865-693-1600 or toll free at 1-800-251-9838. For e-mail, contact Buddy Sensenbach at You may also post mail us at Valley Lumber Sales, Inc., PO Box 50246, Knoxville, TN 37950-0246.