Valley Lumber Sales, Inc. cedar shingles

The number 1 blue label® premium grade of red cedar shingles is for roofs and sidewalls. These top-grade cedar shingles are 100% heartwood, 100% clear and 100% edge grain, an excellent choice for a house. They are available in 16 inch or 18 inch or 24 inch lengths and function well in all types of weather. The number 2 red label material is a good grade for many applications. Flat grain and limited sapwood are permitted in this grade. The number 3 black label is a utility grade for economy applications and secondary buildings. The number 4 undercoursing is a utility grade for undercoursing of double coursed sidewalls only. They are not to be used as a roofing material, and not to be used as a starter course for roofs. With distribution centers in Birmingham, Alabama and Knoxville, Tennessee, we are able to service the shake and shingle needs of the Eastern United States. Feel free to browse through our website at for additional information concerning our natural wood products that will add to the appearance of your home.